Why usa?

Our Experience - We have been manufacturing fine gymnastics and sports products for almost 40 years. We understand the need for affordable, quality products that will meet the highest performance and safety standards. Our skilled staff is constantly striving to be innovative and to be on the leading edge of our industry. Having owned a gym for many years, we can advise our clients on what products will best suit their situation and equipment needs.

History - Many professional and college level programs call on us for their products, as do many public and private schools. We have supplied our gymnastics, cheerleading, and martial arts mats for many championship competitions over the years at the state, regional, and national levels. Our protective padding has also been the choice of many Major League baseball teams, NBA teams, major colleges, and public and private schools at both the high school and elementary level.

Affordability - We believe our products are absolutely the best dollar value on the market. We may not be the rock bottom lowest price, but our products are engineered and manufactured to be sturdy and durable for many years. We understand that our clients are spending money that is hard to come by in today's economic climate. Please compare our prices with those of our competitors who manufacture using similar materials as ours and that offer a 2 year warranty (5 years on our wall padding), and we believe you will then purchase from us.

Easy Installation - Our products are simple to install. Whether you are purchasing a product for permanent installation or for temporary installation, we make it easy for you. In many cases, we provide materials needed, such as spray adhesive or velcro.

Top Quality Materials - We have no secrets about what we use in our products. We want you to know the materials we use, and we encourage you to take note of them as you research the product you're interested in purchasing. We assure you that we manufacture using the finest American-made materials on the market. These include 18 oz. vinyl coated nylon, Trocellen® or Volara® cross-linked polyethylene foam, and prime polyurethane foam.

Warranty - We offer a 2 year warranty on all of our products, except for our wall padding...which has a 5 year warranty! Please compare this with the 1 year warranty that most other companies offer. We can do this because of the high quality materials we use. We have been in the same location in Kansas for over 30 years. The reliability and word of a company is very important to service your needs and any problems that may arise for years to come. If you ever have any problems with your products (whether they're under warranty or not), please call us and we'll do everything we can to assist you and solve the problem.