Our carpet bonded Trocellen® rolls are the finest portable matting available and have been used with great results for over 20 years.  We take a beautiful royal blue needle-punch carpet and flame laminate (permanent bond) it to 1.4" Trocellen® cross linked polyethylene foam rolls. The flame laminated bond is very strong and much better than using adhesives. Also our 1.4" foam is 11% thicker than companies that sell 1 1/4" thick. The total carpet foam thickness is over 1 1/2"!

A standard competition floor is 42' x 42', and takes 7 rolls that are 6' x 42'. We include blue hook velcro to connect the rolls together (at no extra charge). You can purchase single rolls or the entire floor from us. We realize that many schools don't have the space and/or bucget to have a full 42' x 42' mat. Even purchasing one or two rolls will give you a safer area to practice. Safety should be everyone's highest priority and must be given serious consideration!

Our carpet bonded Trocellen® rolls are easy to transport and store. Each roll can be individually rolled up and carried to a storage area by 2 or 3 people. The rolls are then set up by simply unrolling them and attaching velcro along the seams. If you share a multi-use facility, this is absolutely the easiest system to use. One of our competitors is selling a product with cuts through the back of the foam so the mats can be rolled up with the carpet on the inside. We had considered doing this a few years ago, but decided (in our opinion) the risk involved in not knowing long-term durability was too great. This is not to say their product is not going to be durable, only that making many cuts in the foam logically didn’t make sense to us. It’s not very much extra work to flip the rolls over and roll them up with the carpet on the outside and know the rolls will last for many years.

Also, carpet bonded Trocellen® rolls may be used by your cheerleaders, dance line, and for general physical education classes. The same flooring is utilized for a number of sports and activities; and therefore, it can be justified for budgeting purposes as a truly multi-use sports surface.

We also offer an even thicker carpet bonded foam system for those who want the ultimate in cushioned rolled floors. These rolls have 2.1" thick Trocellen® foam and the same blue plush carpet. Two-inch thick rolls are the thickest available on the market and offer the most for safety and durability. The choice is yours, and we can explain the performance capabilities of these materials if you wish to talk to one of our sales representatives.

Vinyl-bonded Trocellen® rolls offer the same foam padding used in carpet bonded rolls but with a tough 24 oz. non-slip vinyl surface. We flame laminate the vinyl to foam for a permanent bond (superior to using adhesives). These mats are lightweight and very portable. The vinyl surface is easy to clean with no reconditioning or future maintenance needed. We offer this product in several different thicknesses at prices that are much less than our competitors.

We can custom manufacture a variety of thicknesses, any length, and choice of colors as you require. We are not a reseller of another company's product; we are the manufacturer. Therefore, our prices and service are superior because we can control the entire process.

There are often unusual size pieces (narrower width and end roll lengths) of vinyl bonded Trocellen® available at substantially discounted prices. These are top quality - just in unusual sizes. Please call and we will tell you what we have available at the present time. Remember we have a two-year warranty on all of our products.




cross-linked foam rolls

Trocellen® and Volara® cross-linked polyethylene foam rolls offer excellent shock absorbing characteristics for padding around equipment and your floor exercise area. Both foam sheetings come in 6' wide rolls any length you need in a wide variety of thicknesses. Volara® has a smaller cell size and is more rubbery and flexible. Trocellen® has a larger cell size and is stiffer with a tougher outer skin. The choice is yours with each foam approximately the same in durability and performance. We offer these sheetings in 3/8" up to 2" thick. We also carry a full line of EVA modified Trocellen® and Volara®.

We recommend 1.4" Trocellen® or 1 1/4" Volara® for padding around equipment. For floor exercise areas, purchase the thickest foam you can afford. You can always buy 1 1/4" foam and then add 3/4" later as your budget allows. Safety is the fundamental consideration, and 2" foam offers greater shock absorption than the 1 1/4".


foam block floor

Foam block floors are an excellent rebound platform choice for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, etc. We supply the foam blocks, velcro attach panels together, rolled Trocellen® or Volara® cross-linked polyethylene foam rolls, and carpet. You purchase locally the plywood panels and Liquid Nails adhesive. We do this because these materials are readily accessible for anyone, and will save you substantial freight charges.

Thirty-two 4" mini-cell blocks are glued to each 4' x 8' plywood panel. The adhesive needs to dry overnight and then the panels are turned over. All the panels are set next to each other and then must be attached together so they won't move. If the floor is a permanent set floor, use a second layer of wood and wood screws to attach the 2 layers together. This top layer of wood is positioned so it covers all the seams of the first layer. If the floor may need to be moved, we have an excellent velcro system that attaches the layers of wood together. This will allow the floor to be portable.

After the platform is built, you simply tape the rolls of cross-linked foam together and lay the carpet over the top. We can provide Trocellen® or Volara® foam rolls in several different thicknesses. When you call, we can discuss you program needs and what product will best fit your situation.

Plush carpet can come with or without a velcro system to attach the carpet rolls together. Foam can also be purchased with a low pile needle punch carpet bonded to it. These carpet bonded foam rolls are very portable and ideal for a multi-use facility. They attach with blue hook velcro (included with the carpet bonded rolls). While it is most common to use carpet bonded foam rolls to make our foam block floors, we also make them using vinyl bonded foam rolls (mostly used for martial arts and wrestling areas). Call and we will explain how these products can benefit your program.



Due to recent material price increases, please call us for prices.