competition mats

Our competition landing mats are offered in 4 thicknesses, about 45 sizes, any color you want (at no extra charge), and with or without velcro to connect mats to each other. All these options may sound confusing, so let's simplify a little. Competition landing mats come in thicknesses of 4", 12 cm., 18 cm., and 20 cm. You can look at FIG, NCAA, USAG, or NFSHA information and see what your organizing body rules allow for each event.

The 4" thick competition landing mats are an old standard before metric thickness mats. If you are needing to match up to existing mats that are 4", buy that thickness. If you are matting a new area, use the metric thicknesses. The metric measurement mats are thicker and offer a little more padding. Unless you are hosting a regional meet or larger, judges will not be very particular about whether you have 4" or 12 cm mats. They'll just be happy that you have enough mats to offer a safe environment for the kids. Safety should be our principle consideration! If you have any questions about which mats should be used for which events, call and we will be glad to explain.

All of our competition landing mats are designed and manufactured with the best materials available. We don't make different quality mats such as "regular" and "firm". All of our competition mats will be what other companies sell as their best "firm" mat. We use 18 oz. vinyl coated nylon (heavy vinyl) for the cover. We reinforce all wear points such as corners and use heavy seat belt webbing for the handles. Our mat tops don't have any sewed seams except along the edges. Welded vinyl lasts better and provides a smooth top without sewing. The mat cover also has a velcro panel flap along one long edge of the mat so you can replace the foam when needed easily and quickly.

We use 1.4" thick Trocellen® cross-linked polyethylene foam for the mat top and glue it to 2 lb. density 70 ILD prime polyurethane foam for the mat base. This combination makes the mat foam exceptionally durable and able to disperse shock properly.

Our competition landing mats are offered in Nonfold (NF) and Folding (F) designs, so you can choose which type works best for your situation. You can also choose any color for your mats, so if you're getting tired of everything being blue, brighten up your gym with yellow, red, or something else.  You can also purchase these mats with velcro connectors to join them side by side.

Please view our pricing page for pricing details.  Feel free to call us if you have any further questions regarding our competition landing mats.





Due to recent material price increases, please call us for prices.